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Monday - Friday - 10am to 8pm
Saturday - 9am to 6pm
Sunday - 11am to 6pm

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massage therapy

spavia massages are designed to achieve total relaxation, improve skin and muscle tone, increase circulation, and remove toxins from the body. Regular massage rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul.


signature massage treatments

spavia signature massage

Long fluid movements of massage grace the body, gently stretching muscles and relieving tension.
With your choice of aromatic hydrating massage lotions, create a personalized and deeply relaxing experience.

couple's massage

Escape with a relaxing couples massage for two. A nice way to introduce someone to massage or completely relax and indulge with a friend or someone special. **Please call a guest advisor at your spavia location to schedule a couple's treatment. 

maternity massage

Specifically for expectant mothers, our prenatal massage specialists provide you with an ultimate form of relaxation. This treatment promotes circulation and alleviates discomforts of pregnancy, relieving water retention, fatigue, headache, sciatic pain, and muscle aches. Let us take care of you, while you prepare to take care of your little one.

*Note: Second and third trimesters only.

premier massage treatments

sports massage

Great for the active and the serious athlete. A customized deep tissue and trigger point massage to soothe strained muscle groups. Stretching and deep kneading eases tension in tight muscles, stimulating healing and increasing recovery time from intensive training and long, stressful days.

hot stone therapy

Experience the deepest form of relaxation. Your muscles will melt under warm basalt river stones that deeply penetrate tense muscles, releasing toxins. Restore balance to the body leaving you calm, relaxed and stress-free.

deep tissue therapeutic massage

This deeply corrective massage releases muscle tension and toxins from the body. Relieve pain and discomfort in congested areas within muscles, tendons, and ligaments due to stress, injury, or overuse. Release tension, knots and rebalance muscles to restore proper range of motion, leaving your body in a state of relaxation and gratitude.

other massage treatments

signature four-hand massage

Two therapists, four and absolute relaxation — the ultimate spavia massage.

traveling chair massage

Receive a relaxing massage in our special massage chair — perfect for your place of business and just what you need to increase morale in the office! (minimum time of 2 hours plus 15% gratuity)