Lash Sets

Lash Sets

relax while our certified lash artists create the desired look for your lifestyle. choose from our classic, hybrid, or volume lashes to achieve your customized natural or dramatic look that enhances your natural beauty with longer, fuller lashes.

Standard Lashes

  • Basic lash setapproximately 90 minutes – your perfect starter classic lash set includes a personalized lash application
  • Natural lash setapproximately 120 minutes – a classic lash set provides you the most natural, beautiful look for your everyday life
  • Extended lash setapproximately 180 minutes – your ultimate classic lash set provides the most volume to create a dramatic and glamorous look and feel. Best value to make your eyelashes beautifully stand out

Select Lashes

  • classic lash set – approximately two hours – subtle elegance to enhance your natural look
  • hybrid lash set – approximately two hours – chic elegance by adding volume to your natural look
  • volume lash set – approximately two hours and twenty minutes – dramatic elegance providing the fullest look for your ultimate lash set

*lash extension services only available at select locations. not all select locations offer hybrid and volume lashes