5 Reasons Why Organic Products are Better for Your Skin

5 Reasons Why Organic Products are Better for Your Skin

A woman applying a skincare product in her bathroom mirror.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and deserves to be cared for and nurtured. Did you know that 60% of what is applied to your skin seeps into the bloodstream? That is why it is important to know what ingredients are in your skincare! Spavia Lowry Town Center carries products that are both healing and healthy for your skin. Our line of Farmhouse Fresh organic products are crafted without GMO’s, synthetic herbicides and pesticides for the most natural and gentle effect. Spavia Lowry Town Center also carries the IMAGE Skincare Ormedics collection made from clinically smart ingredients to balance and soothe your skin.

There are so many reasons to choose organic beauty products when building your skincare arsenal. Not only are clean products safer for your skin, but they also help to preserve the planet and provide a luxurious skincare experience. We have compiled a list of reasons to go green with your skincare routine.

1.) Non-organic skin products contain potentially harmful ingredients

The labels on non-organic products are filled with ingredients that are often unrecognizable. Many non-organic skin products contain synthetic chemicals that can cause skin irritation, hormone imbalance, toxicity, and even cancer when used long-term. Since the Farmhouse Fresh organic and IMAGE Skincare Ormedic products we carry are free of any harmful ingredients, you’ll never have to worry about what chemicals could be hiding in your bottles!

2.) Organic skin products yield better results

Skincare products should be gentle, yet effective. Farmhouse Fresh’s organic products are tender on the skin but produce incredible results. The Organics line features a Sweet Milk Organic Body Lotion containing organic shea butter and aloe to calm irritation and redness and sweet almond oil to help maintain the skin’s barrier and prevent weather loss. Suitable for all skin types, this lotion is both lightweight and deeply moisturizing.

Another favorite from the IMAGE Skincare Ormedic collection is the Ormedic lip enhancement complex. This ultra-hydrating, polypeptide formula improves the visual volume of lip contours and instantly replenishes and hydrates to make the lips look naturally full. Although non-organic products may produce immediate results, organic products have anti-aging properties that keep your skin healthy and smooth for longer.

3.) Organic products are non-allergenic

Without the use of harsh sulfates and harmful chemicals, the production of organic products decreases the likeability of allergic reactions. If an allergic reaction does occur while using organic products, it would most likely be due to a pre-existing allergy to a natural ingredient. Farmhouse Fresh organic products and the IMAGE Skincare Ormedic collection include a full list of ingredients that go into each product. With 100% transparency, you’ll know what products do and do not contain nut-oil if that is of concern!

4.) Using organic products helps to preserve the environment

Do your part to be kind to the world around you and invest in naturally grown products. Organic product production is better for wildlife, causes less pollution, and eliminates unnecessary waste. The Farmhouse Fresh team grows high nutrition skincare extracts using sustainable methods for a zero-waste process!

5.) Get a spa-like experience with nourishing products

We use Farmhouse Fresh and IMAGE Skincare products in our treatments at Spavia Spavia Lowry Town Center because of their luxurious feel and glow enhancing ingredients. Bring the day-spa home by purchasing the products that our estheticians use to pamper and treat your skin.

Invest in the health of your skin and Contact Spavia Lowry Town Center today!