Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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Spavia means a pathway to wellness. We care about your health at our spa, so we’ve put together a simple guide on how to boost your immune system during these uncertain times. Take a preventative approach to your well-being by following the necessary steps to improve your immunity to germs and ensure your overall health.

Get a good nights rest

It is a well-known fact that lack of sleep suppresses the immune system. If you want to fight off illnesses, it is imperative that you get adequate sleep. Turn off your phone, have some chamomile tea, snuggle up with a book or listen to soothing music. Getting exercise in throughout the day can also help to increase your sleep. Working out will also improve your mood by releasing endorphins. Sleep deprivation is connected to ailments including heart disease and stroke so seven to eight hours of sleep is recommended to boost your immune system so sleep well!

In order to ensure you get the proper amount of uninterrupted sleep each night, it is suggested that your bedroom be kept at a cool, comfortable temperature. Black out curtains can also help extend your sleep cycle.

Focus on nutrition

Maintaining a healthy diet is an integral part of keeping your immune system high. Good nutrition can reduce the risk of chronic illness and help your body to fight off germs. Maintaining a balanced diet includes a proper intake of vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables and food low in fats. Taking Vitamin D supplements will help replace exposure to sunlight while in quarantine. If you can, get out and get a little natural vitamin D with Mother Nature’s sunshine!

Eating well provides a much-needed energy boost while you are spending long periods of time indoors. Caffeine and alcohol are both dehydrating and can ultimately lower your energy. Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet to feel your best, to ward off sickness and keep your immunity strong.

Practice Self-care

Taking good care of yourself whether it is cosmetically, hygienically or mentally is proven to encourage a healthy immune system. Practicing habits like maintaining a skin-care routine, staying clean and meditating can drastically affect your overall health. Spavia Lowry Town Center is dedicated to ensuring your wellness through our luxurious and calming services. While we are away, ordering our high-quality, yet affordable products will allow you to bring a bit of our spa home and treat your mind and body. All of our products are paraben-free and we always choose the best products to provide optimal results. We have many products to help support immunity, including our Sencha tea mints, our Patchology masks, our Pure Resurgence salt scrubs and so much more!

An in-person experience at Spavia Lowry Town Center means the opportunity to be relaxed and taken care of. Follow these helpful tips to practice healthy habits and care for yourself until your next treatment. Contact us today to order any of our spa boutique products!